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We offer you an extensive range of football bets with attractive odds.

How does it work?

Bets can be placed on our site provided that the following conditions are met:

  • You have a customer card that is activated for online betting.
  • The customer card has sufficient credit.
  • You have logged in to our website using your access data.

Where can I get the customer card and where can I activate it?

If you do not have a customer card yet, talk to the staff in your local betting shop. You can register the customer card on a betting machine and activate it for online betting. After activation a voucher is printed with your access data.

Further information can be obtained from your local betting shop.

How do I deposit money and receive payouts?

You can deposit money and receive payouts at the betting shop where you activated the customer card.

You can deposit cash onto the customer card yourself using the betting machines.

To withdraw winnings or the balance on the customer card, you can print off a credit voucher at the betting machine. You can then collect the money from a staff member.

How do I log in with my access data?

If you already have a customer card activated for online betting, you can log on to our website with your access data.

To do this, use the entry fields at the top right and then click Login.

  • Enter your customer card number as the username.
  • The password is on the notice which you received after activating the customer card at the betting machine in your local betting shop.

Why bet here? The benefits for you at a glance

As well as our wide range of football bets, there are many other benefits you can enjoy when betting on our website.

Fast processing without complex registration

You do not have to register your personal data in order to bet on our website. All you need is a customer card with access data which you can get from your local betting shop.

Easy deposit and quick placement of bets

You can deposit cash on your customer card using the betting machines. Once the customer card is topped up, bets can be placed quickly using the betting machines or our website.

Straightforward and flexible payout

You can easily withdraw the balance on your customer card at any time at your local betting shop.

Winnings are available immediately

The bet winnings will be automatically credited to your customer card directly after the match. The money is available immediately and can be used for further bets or paid out in the betting shop.

If you have any questions, please contact the staff in your local betting shop. We wish you lots of success and fun with betting!

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